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東亞搬運對搬夾萬服務有多年豐富的經驗和專業的技術,特別是重量遠比一般家俱重的重型夾萬時就更加需要小心處理。這時候就需要找有搬重型夾萬的相關技術、專業搬運工具和價錢公道的東亞搬運。有一些地區會比較多重型夾萬需要搬運,例如紅磡區,因為比較多珠寶公司。夾萬一般重量介乎800 KG 至 1500 KG之間,如夾萬個重,我們可以把夾萬門拆掉,減輕重量。搬夾萬時需要使用特別搬運器材來搬運。擁有良好服務人員質素、重視專業服務、親切熱誠、經驗豐富、的東亞搬運便是你搬夾萬過程中最值得信賴的的搬運公司。



如搬運過程有梯級,我們亦有 專業技術,保證成功運送

1. 夾萬包裝好準備上樓

2. 樓梯鋪上木板準備搬運

3. 進入電梯

4. 成功運送到指定地方

The "Packing Items" service offered by Eastern Asia Moving Company Limited focuses on providing customers with a comprehensive and detailed packing solution. We understand that proper packing is key to ensuring the safe arrival of items, whether it’s for moving homes, office relocations, or any other form of transportation. Therefore, our expert team utilizes high-quality packing materials, including but not limited to bubble wrap, foam, sturdy boxes, and specialized cushioning materials, to offer the best protection for your items.

Our services encompass professional packing for delicate art pieces, fragile items, electronics, and furniture. Each item is individually packed according to its size, shape, and fragility to ensure its safety during the move. Additionally, we also provide unpacking services to help customers quickly settle into their new location by placing each item where it belongs.

Choosing the "Packing Items" service from Eastern Asia Moving Company Limited means opting for a worry-free moving experience. We are committed to ensuring your items are protected from start to finish with our professional service and meticulous care.