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Insurance for Furniture Damage

Regardless of renting a house or buying a home, you should consider purchasing a suitable housing insurance before moving to obtain a comprehensive guarantee. Avoiding sudden incidents will make you lose your budget. The simplest insurance should at least ensure accidents or property damage caused during the relocation, old homes, new homes and transportation, and also ensure that the damage caused by third parties (handling companies, decoration companies, cleaning workers, etc.) can also be compensated. If you want to get the maximum amount of compensation, we recommend that you purchase your own insurance, and the minimum premium for each policy is 500 yuan, the specific price depends on the value. It is up to the customer to purchase insurance. If the items caused by the company are damaged during the handling, the relevant compensation clauses are as follows:


Damage situation

Compensation standard

Home appliances crash or scratch

Each piece $100

The home appliance was damaged and could not function properly

Each piece $300

Floor scraping

Shipping cost 15%


$1000 for 48” or below


$1500 for 49” to 55”


$2000 for 56” or above

Not guaranteed

1. Audio and video equipment

2. Crystal lamp and lighting

3. New homes and old house walls

4. Old house floor

5. The appearance of the electrical appliance cannot be operated under the condition of damage

6. Damage to the contents of the box