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Relocation Process

Here are the steps for the relocation process:

1. Quotation can be made via our hotline or online quotation
2. Alternatively, customers can request a on-stie quotation service, our staff will visit customer's current home address. Customer can request to have the carton boxes and packing materials the same day our staff arrive.
3. If the quotation is finalized, a $200-$500 HKD deposit should be made.
4. It takes approximately 2-3 days for us to process the order, and customer should receive a SMS confirmation from our company as well as the Packing Guides and some reminders.
5. Our staff will send out the lorry registration number and driver contact to customer a day before the relocation.


Quotation Process

1. Inquiry and Needs Analysis: Customers need to contact the company first, providing basic information about the move, such as the moving date, starting and destination locations, and an approximate type and quantity of items. This helps the company to initially understand the customer's requirements.


2. On-site Estimation: Based on the information provided by the customer, the company may arrange for professionals to conduct an on-site estimation. During this visit, the professionals will inspect the items to be moved, assess the volume and weight of the items and whether special packing or handling is needed, and discuss moving details with the customer.


3. Providing a Quotation: Based on the results of the on-site estimation, the company will provide a detailed quotation, including the cost of moving, packing materials (if applicable), and any additional fees for special handling. The quotation usually takes into account factors such as distance, quantity of items, and complexity.


4. Negotiation and Confirmation: After receiving the quotation, customers can further negotiate with the company to discuss details or request adjustments to the scope of services to fit their budget. Once the quotation and service details are accepted by the customer, both parties will confirm the moving date and time, and formally sign a contract.


5. Moving Services: On the agreed date, the company will dispatch a moving team to perform the moving services, carrying out tasks such as packing, moving, and placement according to the agreed scope of services.


6. Service Completion and Payment: After the move is completed, the customer inspects the items to ensure they are in good condition and is satisfied with the service before making a payment according to the contract agreement.