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EAmovers reclaim carton box guildes

1. When the carton boxes are used up, please contact us to collect the carton boxes. We will come to collect the carton boxes the next day after being notified.

2. Due to traffic issues, our staff will confirm the time on the collection day.

3. We understand that the used up carton boxes may be occupied customers’ space, we suggest customers to put the carton boxes at the door side corridor or management office. If customers are not home, we will transfer the deposit back to bank account or leave it in the mail box.

4. Please put a label on the carton boxes and state “do no take away, someone will collect it”.

5. EAmovers do not collect carton boxes only, we can also collect any unused packing materials. It is fine for us to collect the carton boxes if even only 80-90% left.

6. If the carton boxes are placed at the doorway, but being taken away by someone else, we will still return the deposit to customers.

Reclaim carton box registration

*Register the phone number:

*Reclaim carton box date:

HK island: Mon/Wed/Fri. N.T: Tue/Thu/Sat.


*The carton boxes are placed in: