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East Asia moving house recycling carton special matters

1. When the carton is used up, please call the company to collect it, it must be recycled on the day of the notice or the next day.

2. Due to the large number of customers of the company, the driver must determine the time due to the daily driving route.

3. The carton waiting for recycling will indeed occupy the valuable place of the customer. Therefore, please kindly ask the customer to place the carton in the doorway or in the corridor and elevator and lobby management. If the customer is not at home, we will send the deposit to you or put it in the mailbox.

4. Finally, use the "Do not take away" note in the company's transparent file to stick it on the carton.

5. The company only needs to recycle the carton, and other packaging materials have not been used, we need to recycle, the amount can only be 8-9 percent.

6. If the customer has placed the carton at the door, but the company will be taken away by other people, the company will also refund the customer to the deposit.

Recycling carton registration

*Register the phone number:

*Recycling bin date:

HK island: Mon/Wed/Fri. N.T: Tue/Thu/Sat.


Contact phone number:

*The carton is placed in: