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Terms and conditions of Online Quotation service

1. The online quotation service is reference only. All actual fees and quotation should be confirmed by our staff through on-site quotation.

2. The minimum charge for each relocation is HKD 1,000 during Mon to Fri, and HKD 1,800 during Sat and Sun.

3. The quotation does not include any tunnel fees and car parking fees.

4. The quotation includes all carton boxes and packing materials which are provided by EA moving company.

5. All packing materials will be delivered on the same day of on-site quotation.

6. Please be well prepared for the relocation 10 days in advance.

7. An additional charge of 200-500 HKD for each extra stop during the relocation.

8. The quotation includes all charges for stairs, podium exchange and complicated environment factors(except complicated village road conditions).

9. We are not responsible for any damage during the relocation process, please purchase your own home insurance in advance.

10. The quotation includes all furniture assembling/dismantling charges, but does not include any wall mounting charges.

(Remarks: Wall mounting means any kind of furnitures, electronic devices or items that need to be hanged or mounted on wall or ceiling)

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